Glass floors have for a time only been a concept seen only in large shopping centres and offices.

Whist working on these projects we have noticed the increase of home owners looking for this type of product.

The transparency of glass allows light to filter to areas where natural daylight is unavailable from normal windows.

Careful planning in the early stages is required to calculate the correct glass product for the loadings required, this is usually calculated by a structural engineer who will take into consideration what the floor is to be for ie a domestic property, busy walkway, retail outlet, dance floor and many more.

Walk on glass floors dependant on size can come in any thickness from 2 x 10mm glass panels laminated (toughened for external use) to multi laminated panels in excess of 100mm.

Panels can be clear or decorated to your bespoke design, decoration by sandblasting also gives an anti slip finish.

Metalwork for the glass floors can also be supplied and installed.

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